Opening hours:

The collection can only be visited by guided tour, which will be provided by Jozef or Elke themselves. This is because you need some explanation to fully appreciate clocks. In a free visit, you would probably have a high speed and many gems walked past because you do not know where to look specifically. We make sure that everyone gets the most out of his visit and provide an explanation for each measure. Guided tours are only available for groups. The explanation is always adapted to the target group. This can range from a group of pre-schoolers or elementary school children to tourists visiting Mechelen to specialist watchmakers or engineers.
A tour of the museum takes about 1h 15min and is provided in Dutch, English, French and German.
The guide is included in the entrance fee. The maximum number of participants per group is 30.

ATTENTION! The museum is located in a restricted traffic zone between 11 hr. and 18 hr.

Groups are guided by appointment! ! The timing of the visit can be planned in consultation.

Simply ring the doorbell at the appropriate time to participate the tour.

Entrance fees:

Adults (min 10 - max 30): € 10
Children (schools): € 8

Prices are per person and VAT inclusive.


Clock and Watch Museum BVBA
Op de Beeck
Lange schipstraat 13,
2800 Mechelen,
+32 (0)15 21 18 94
+32 (0)474/79.52.87
BTW: BE 0 644 761 572